Vince would be disappointed

A few years ago, I went to Arles, France for the first time of many during that year.  Upon my arrival, I walked around the small town and to my surprise, discovered that Vincent Van Gogh had spent a considerable amount of time there, and some of his paintings had been inspired by many of the sites I was now enjoying.  This little town with one main road and many side streets is located in Southern France about an hour or so, north of Marseilles; a truly beautiful place.  Every Saturday morning, the main road is shut down so that local farmers and others can sell their goods.  Every fresh item one can think of.  The food that is found in the sleepy little town is amazing and my insatiable need to try new and interesting foods was quenched to say the least and my palate was surprised and jumping from the joy and excitement.  Then I visited Café van Gogh…  Cafe Van Gogh

Many are the wonderful paintings of this great master, and one in particular drew my attention, since I was standing right in front of the café that inspired him to paint, “Café Terrace at Night.”  How could I pass up the opportunity to go in and for a moment, imagine myself as part of the portrait, even as secondary scenery to the building and star of the masterpiece?  I sat at a table outside and watch the people walk by, taking pictures of the café and wondering if like me, they were somewhat impressed to be right there at that very moment.  Of course, as I sat there, I thought that I should not waste the opportunity to eat at such a famous locale.  I asked the waiter to bring me a glass of wine and a small pizza; a little afternoon snack, since I had dinner reservations later that evening.  The wine was magnificent, a glass of Bordeaux and some olives to snack on as I waited for the rest of my order.  Minutes later, as I enjoyed the breeze, the wine and the sun through the café umbrellas, the waiter brought my pizza.  One bite… and that beautiful moment was ruined.  Frozen.  Frozen!!!  My pizza was frozen in the middle.  What travesty!  Frozen pizza at Café van Gogh; sacrilegious.  I called the waiter and asked him to take it back; he puffed, gave me a dirty look and took it away.  I sat there in disbelief and thought that Vince would have been disappointed.

Time, ADD and the Mayan calendar


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Earlier this year, when another piece of the Mayan Calendar puzzle was unearthed, we had a little over 200 days left. Lucky break, it appears that we won’t perish! The new piece seems to show that the world will not end anytime soon. Then again, maybe we only 11 days until December 21, 2012 to do that one thing we have been putting off. Maybe it is all a big misunderstanding or a bad calculation for that matter. Look at how many projects are left undone, incomplete, by the wayside. How many times have you started a project and because of life’s circumstances, procrastination or whatever the case may be, never got finished? Maybe the Mayans thought they had more time; until they didn’t. Maybe it was the first recorded case of ADD; they lost interest, found some other project. Either way, it appears we have more time. In that case, choosing to live life to the fullest seems like the best course of action, with the intention of making the most or the least of it, and to do so with every ounce of joy and energy possible, as time is elusive and sadly finite. Now, when do I start? Maybe tomorrow…

Hello world!

Welcome to Unpoetically Waxing; my attempt of putting my “random thoughts and observations” as well as “useless” tidbits of information down for all or none to see.  Please be critical and comment.  Any subject is allowed but keep it clean; try to look up a new word if the “F” bomb is anxiously waiting to emerge.  Thank you and enjoy!